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Clean Clothes
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"The lowest impact clothes are the ones you already have and wear."

The Curated Closet

The Curated Closet is intentional time set aside to hone in on your style.  We cultivate new looks, style for your body type, and create capsules for varying aspects of life.  As a result we’ll discover what is missing, eliminate clutter, and streamline your closet. Every session is personalized and tailored to the needs of the client. Work with me and more than your wardrobe will feel rejuvenated!


How do we spend our time? 



We will spend up to one hour to get to know each other and talk about what your greatest wardrobe needs are.  Some examples include: styling for a smart casual look and filling in a minimal wardrobe, OR purging and learning how to dress for your body type.  I have set aside this time to hone in on our focus of the style session. 

My role is to be a guide, sounding board, active listener, list maker, picture taker, resource provider. 

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Style Session 

We will spend three hours digging into what you have and creating outfits. I will look at your closet with a set of fresh eyes, give you organizational tips, and help style the you that you want to shine through. During this time, I will make lists and snap pictures for future reference.  We will talk about basics and staple pieces as well as creating a classic and personal style.  Get ready to try stuff on!

Your role is to be open-minded, thoughtful, engaged, willing to try things on, and to have fun!


Follow-up portfolio 

This is where I take home everything we have done and create a personalized book.  It will include lists of wardrobe needs and ethical places to get them, photos of outfits we loved, information about your body type, and answers to the many questions addressed along the way.

Why Me?

My training in fine arts helped me to develop a strong visual language and taught me how to create an aesthetic.  After art school, I worked as a textile designer and developed a keen sense of color and design.  Currently, I style women in a high-end boutique and work with others to create capsule wardrobes. I am also a fashion blogger with a focus on sustainable fashion and using the clothes that you already have.

In addition, I am approachable and sensitive to the fact that going though your closet can be a vulnerable act.  I come to each client judgment free and with the desire to make your life easier and more fashionable! Finding the you that you want to show the world is my main goal.