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Thinking Spring

Maggie VanceComment
Thinking Spring

Thinking Spring

I am truly a sun worshiper in the sense that I receive energy from the warmth, light, and life that the sun brings.  Winter, although filled with family, holidays, and food, is always hard for me - the cold and darkness affect my activity level and I feel like a lethargic slug.  My favorite part of the year is spring because the sun hangs out minutes later every day.  Although skipping an hour of sleep due to daylight savings is not my favorite, I will trade an hour of sleep any day for a season of sunlight late into the evening.  Spring means bike rides, color, bare legs and feet, and a wardrobe transition. 

I have to admit, because February was so mild here in MI, I may have jumped the gun on designating a little too much closet space to tank tops instead of sweaters.  After a short-lived time in my storage drawer, some of the sweaters are back out - but with them are some of my fun colored scarves.  Spring, being a time of new life and transition, inspired me to really hone in on my personal style. 

I began collecting images like crazy and deleting ones that just didn’t settle with me.  I think it is key to collect visual data at different times and moods and to delete what no longer speak to you.  After doing so, what you’re left with is images that you truly identify with.  I started to see patterns in color, materials, silhouettes, and overall vibe.  I identified looks using clothes that I already have and was able to see timeless pieces that I was missing.  Just from collecting images and being very purposeful, I defined style boundaries to work within. 

Do some spring-cleaning and declutter your style by taking some time to collect images that speak to you.  Using the guidelines below, challenge yourself to (re)define your style.  I would love to see how your style turns out!


So here it is; the rebirth of my personal style:

Style name:  Ethnic ornamentation meets minimalist grunge.

Idea behind my style:  I like to incorporate the visual culture of places I have traveled and have a great appreciation for ornamentation and surface pattern.  I do not want this to be confused with being bohemian: to me, bohemian is cheap and trendy appropriation.  I love the materiality of fabric, which is why I am attracted to minimal silhouettes and letting the fabric be fabric. 

Look of a typical outfit:  

  1. Cropped denim pants, simple leather shoe, and blousy top or chunky sweater. 
  2. Mid-length skirt, simple tank, understated shoe. 
  3. Both outfits: Ornamented bag, scarf, shoe, jewelry, or embroidered details in clothing. 

Three characteristics my style conveys:  Worldly, relaxed, casual.

Key pieces of this style:  Cropped denim, ornamented accessories, silk tanks, chunky knits, leather shoes.

Dominant colors:  Cream, brown, army green, denim, black.

Defining fits:  Midi length or cropped bottoms.  Faux halter, V-neck, scoop neck, spaghetti strap, sleeveless, off the shoulder, long sleeve tops. A-line, fitted (but not tight), and loose fitting shapes. 

Types of materials:  Cotton, denim, natural knits, leather, linen, viscose, silk, wool, cashmere, velvet, textured wovens.

Styling:  Natural hair and makeup, bold accessories, blanket scarves, simple layers, tassels and embroidery, half tucked shirts, cuffed pants, one main focal point/embellishment.