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How to Look Good in Sweats

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How to Look Good in Sweats

How to Look Good in Sweats

What’s the definition of sweats anyways? 

In general terms, I think the term "sweats" includes: athletic wear, grungy clothes, pajamas, house painting outfits, camping style, lazy day attire, or “I am just going to the grocery store” garb.  Sweats are the clothes that we lounge around in and accomplish the less than luxurious tasks of life in.  Existing in the ordinary doesn’t mean looking sloppy, so let's figure out how to look good while wearing them.

A couple of months ago when I was working a second job at a bar, we had a sales rep come in that was giving away the infamous “FREE T-shirt.”  I hate the “free T” because you get it, wear it once to an event, to volunteer in, or to a family reunion (god forbid you all have to match).  It looks awful on any woman with curves; the stiffness gets caught on your hips while the bust feels like someone slapped tape across your chest to hold down the ladies.  In other words, it's very unflattering.  After being worn once, it ends up in your PJ drawer and you’re stuck with piles of cluttered, uncomfortable t-shirts - when in reality you're looking for the soft and cozy one that you actually feel good wearing.  And then where does this “free T” end up?  When you decide to declutter you either donate it or throw it away; that poor t-shirt should have never been born in the first place. 

Returning to the t-shirt story, I declined the “free T,” and, amazed at my pass, the rep wouldn’t let me say no. I decided to tell him, “Well, I am trying to do this thing called a capsule wardrobe.  You only allow yourself a limited number of clothes to wear, and that T-shirt wouldn’t work with it.” His eyes glazed over at “capsule wardrobe," and he started to walk away at “limited number.”  Though I dodged a bullet with that line, I was reminded that the idea of quality over quantity is still foreign to many. People buy just because it’s a deal or take just because it’s free.  So I challenge you to consider how many painting shirts do you really need and what clothing does make you look and feel good? 

This got me thinking further: Why do we keep so much unattractive stuff to lay around the house in?  When I get home from work, I go for the same couple of pieces for my lounge around attire: organic cotton Patagonia leggings, double layered jersey tank, and a sweater (I will leave my ratty, had-since-the-fifth-grade pullover out of this).  I also don’t just wear these pieces around the house.  I pair them differently, or throw on a cute shoe in order to present myself to the world.  

Here are some guidelines to help you look good in sweats:

1.     DO NOT accept the “free T” (unless it is the coolest thing you have ever seen and you want to wear the hell out of it)!

2.     Think of silhouettes that you know look good on you. Then, find soft organic cotton or recycled polyester blends in those same shapes.  If you're unsure of what looks good, contact me and we will set up a styling session in order to find out!

3.     As people say, “The best outfit starts from the bottom up!” Put on your best pair of shoes with your comfiest leggings or your paint-splashed jeans.

4.     Add some structure to your comfort.  If you’re hanging out in sweats, throw on a more structured jacket in order to run to the store.  

5.     Acknowledge that lounging is a part of life and it doesn't have to be defined by looking bad.  Buy quality pieces that will last for years.