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Make Something Week!!!

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Make Something Week!!!
 Paint a mug!

Paint a mug!

 Sugar Scrub! 1 Cup Brown Sugar, 1/3 Cup Oil (coconut, almond, or grape seed oil), 1 Teaspoon Vanilla, 2 Teaspoons Vitamin E Oil... Mix it up!

Sugar Scrub! 1 Cup Brown Sugar, 1/3 Cup Oil (coconut, almond, or grape seed oil), 1 Teaspoon Vanilla, 2 Teaspoons Vitamin E Oil... Mix it up!

Make Something Week!!!

Greenpeace and Fashion Revolution are teaming up for Make Something Week, December 2-10, 2017.

@MAKESMTHING week is an international festival of making, challenging our consumerist culture that has cut quality time spent with family and friends and replaced skills and resourcefulness with shopping. Together, we would like to step out of this wasteful overconsumption and give our beautiful Earth a break.

Sometimes I joke that my BFA was actually a degree in gift making, and this time of year I spend a lot of time in my studio sewing for my family’s gifts.  But you don’t have to be that crafty or have an art degree to unplug from mainstream consumerism, you just have to think outside of the box.  My mom for instance, I wouldn’t trust her with a hot glue gun, is inventive when it comes to giving lasting gifts to my nieces.  This year she decided to do fairy gardens for the two older girls.  Dirt, succulents, driftwood and stones from Lake Superior, a box, and a fairy trinket.  She is giving them the parts and pieces, and they will spend an afternoon playing in the dirt! Sounds better than another plastic babydoll, right?  

So how do you start this creative process??? I usually have an idea of who I need to give gifts to and then gather materials that I already have.  I am a sewer and start with gathering fabrics I have in my studio, and from there I brainstorm what I can make with what I already have.  Last year I made slippers for my sister and brother-in-law out of vests that my Grandma knitted for my Grandpa.  I was able to felt the wool and thrift a $15 leather jacket for the sole.  I found the pattern on Etsy which is a great place to find cheap patterns that have an immediate download.  

Not a sewer? My friend was visiting my studio while I was sewing and she worked on printing some homemade Holiday cards.  She carved linoleum blocks and uses the same ones every year to make stationary for friends and family.  With nice paper, simple ink colors, and beautiful ribbon she made a wonderful gift.  My sister doesn’t have a lot of time with three little kids at home, but every year she makes an amazing sugar scrub that is quick and easy to make and always one of my favorite gifts!

Ideas are endless! Brain storm, pop in a movie, poor a glass of wine, invite friends over, and share materials and ideas!

What’s on my gift giving list this year?

  • Mom- handmade purse; I bought the pattern on etsy.
  • Sister- coat I made for myself and she has wanted it ever since and other goodies.
  • Dad- gift card to a local brewery
  • Brother- locally roasted coffee
  • 7 and 4 year old nieces- tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet
  • 1 year old niece- handmade puff cushion to match her older sisters
  • Friends- white elephant; usually something cool from around the house or I dig through old drawings and give away art

What are my favorite gifts?

  • Homemade sugar body scrub from my sister.
  • Local candy shop truffles from Santa.
  • Handmade cards from my nieces.
  • Gift card to my favorite local coffee shop.
  • Homemade soaps from the farmers market.  
  • And…. Money :)